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The "next big thing" for your customer experience needs to be planned and implemented in concert with a broader innovation road map, And the overall business strategy.

Find new growth opportunities

Our Multi-Vector Analysis approach brings together insights from customers, competitive landscape, marketing and sales, technology, and organizational capabilities, leading to a synthesized view of trends and growth opportunities with products or services.

Find Product/Market Fit

Within an opportunity area, we work with you to develop and stress-test new value propositions and customer experiences to assess how well they address unmet market needs.

Formulate a Product Roadmap

Building off the initial opportunity area or value proposition, we help you evaluate the direction for future-proofness with questions like: Is there scope to scale? What are the foreseeable stages of evolution? How could new distribution channels or messaging be employed?

We employ a pragmatic variety of approaches, based on the needs of the problem

Multi-vector Analysis

Create a holistic view and make sense of the trends by connecting insights from multiple domains:

  • Customer research, analytics and insights

  • Marketing and Brand

  • Design

  • Engineering and R&D

  • Competitors and Comparables

  • Organizational capabilities and existing IP

  • Sales and acquisition channels

Core Insights

These are the "know-why" counterpart to the "know how" of core competencies:

  • Logical yet unexpected in nature - often derived from the dot-connecting of multi-vector analysis.

  • Provide forward-looking understanding of customer needs, behaviors.

  • Hard for competitors to reverse engineer, keeping them one step behind.

For more on core insights, order Adam Richardson's book, Innovation X, and check out his writing for Harvard Business Review.