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Small but mighty. Based in Baltimore, serving the world.


Adam Richardson

Founder and Chief Bureaucrat


Adam wanted to be a designer since he started drawing cars at age 6. He strives to use design as a means to improve people's lives in ways large and small. He's worked on physical products, digital ecosystems and services, with companies and organizations across a wide variety of industries and geographies.

Most of his career has been in design and innovation consulting, including 10 years in leadership roles at the global consultancy frog design, building up the strategy and user research capabilities there. After frog, he went in-house to work on new product development and customer experience innovation at Financial Engines, a mission-driven fintech firm that helps everyday people with planning for retirement.

He started The Enigma Bureau to allow him to focus on the part of the product and design process he likes the most and where his multi-disciplinary skills have the highest impact: bringing form and direction to an ambiguous, uncertain opportunity.


We have an extensive network of experts in the fields of design, user research, brand, and strategy that we work with, supplementing Engima Bureau's own capabilities when needed. Including:


Ampersand is a consultancy specializing in brand strategy during periods of momentous change. They meet at the intersection of marketing, operations and human resources to provide a holistic, flexible and complete solution to brand challenges.  Hello-Ampersand.com


Curiate designs and delivers professional workshops, teaches academic courses, and provides tailored coaching and embedded consulting services to help institutions leverage design thinking for greater collaboration and growth. Curiate.co

Forage Research

Forage is a human-centered research recruiting firm. With a qualitative research focus, Forage uses a set of creative methods that enable clients to learn from articulate, thoughtful, and conversational participants. ForageDesignResearch.com

Jackie Colburn

Jackie is a design strategist focused on Sprint and workshop facilitation, and training around Human Centered Design, problem solving, and unlocking creativity. JackieColburn.com

Stamen Design

An award-winning specialist in data visualization, mapping and analytics design, Stamen does work for private and public sector clients across multiple industries. Stamen.com