Workshops & Sprints

"Sprint" or "Design Sprint"?
We prefer to call them just Sprints, as Design Sprint makes it sounds like it's only for designers and about design. Ideally Sprints are a multi-disciplinary effort, and a compressed version of what happens over a series of Agile Sprints.

Workshops and Sprints are a great way to kick-start a new initiative, or inject some fresh thinking and cross-disciplinary perspectives into an ongoing effort. They're also a great way for us to get to know one another.

We have extensive experience planning and running workshops for clients of all types, and ranging in size from 10 to over 100 participants. The topic of a workshop is completely customizable, and we'll work with you to refine the focus up-front (getting the breadth of the focus right at the start is critical to success).

Common themes include:

  • Jump-start innovative thinking on a new project
  • Immerse a team in research findings and start ideation
  • Rapidly ideate, prototype and get user feedback on a concept
  • Forge alignment between stakeholders on a "wicked problem"

Session formats


1 -2 Days

Good for quick bursts of new ideas, team bonding, creating momentum.

3 - 5 Days

A customized longer session, or following the Google Sprint process.


What does your team need to reach escape velocity?

What makes for a successful workshop or Sprint?

  • Pre-planning to get agreement on the "Goldilocks" focus - not too broad, not too narrow - and on what the objectively-defined outcomes are.
  • A mixture of disciplines, seniorities, roles and levels of expertise, so there are multiple perspectives looking intensively at the same problem.
  • Structured agenda...that's also flexible as needs arise during the session.
  • Structured ideation activities, because just telling people to "invent" from a blank sheet of paper is a recipe for disappointment.
  • Supportive executive sponsorship that's aligned on the goals, outcomes, and expectations about what can be achieved in the timeframe.

Past Workshops

We've set up and facilitated dozens of workshops for corporations and NGO's, including: